All activities will take place in the
Lincoln Room of the Kellogg Center, Michigan State University unless otherwise noted.
See Remote Attendance if participating via Zoom beginning Monday.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

4:30 – Registration and Packet Pickup outside Big 10 B

5:00 – Happy Hour in Big 10 B

6:00 – Dinner at the Kellogg Center in Big 10 B

Monday, October 29, 2018

8:00 – Breakfast and Coffee

8:30 – Welcome & Opening Remarks

8:40 – Session Scramble

9:30 – Session: Teaching and Teacher Learning with and in Social Media: The State of the Field
This presentation will present results from a first-of-its kind, systematic review of over a decade of research (2004-2017) from around the globe on K-12 teaching and teacher learning with various types of social media.

  • Christine  Greenhow, Michigan  State University 
  • Sarah  Galvin,  Michigan State  University 
  • Diana Brandon, Michigan State University/Charleston Southern University 
  • Emilia  Askari, Michigan  State University 

10:45 – Beverage/Coffee Break

11:00 – Session: Educational Discourse–Twitter, Facebook

  • Alan J. Daly,  University of California,  San Diego
  • Jonathan  Supovitz, University of Pennsylvania
  • Ken  Frank,  Michigan  State University
  • Martin  Rehm, United  Nations University  & PH Weingarten
  • Frank  Cornelissen,  University of Amsterdam

12:15  – Lunch at the Kellogg Center – Riverside Room

1:30 – Session: Virtual Resource Pools–Pinterest, TeachersPayTeachers, YouTube, Open Educational Resource
This presentation will present the notion of a Fifth Estate within the digital age, redefining network influence (Dutton, 2009). As power and influence is negotiated across executive, judicial, and legislative enterprises, media—the Fourth Estate, and networks of influence amongst individuals within the Fifth Estate, present a new form of educational professionalism. Here, educators, researchers, and the community may engage directly in virtual space. Within this space, we examine the emergence of a teacherpreneurial guild, in which teachers independently seek out supplemental resources and professional social networks within virtual spaces, circumventing traditional hierarchies of information diffusion and educational change. As influence and agency is redistributed within the fifth estate and 21st century schooling, this presentation examines the role of teacher professionalism from class to cloud.

  • Kaitlin  Torphy, Michigan  State University
  • Sihua  Hu, Northwestern  University
  • Jiliang  Tang, Michigan  State University

2:45 – Beverage/Coffee Break

3:00 – Panel: Social Media in Education
Panelists will have the opportunity to respond to issues related to the emergence and increasing prevalence of social media in education. They will discuss the benefits and concerns for social media in 21st century teaching and learning, and provide perspectives on how the education profession is changing as a result of social media.

  • Dr. Ken Frank, Professor of Sociometrics at MSU
  • Ann-Marie Mapes, Educational Technology Manager at the Michigan Department of Education
  • Dr. Winston Peng, Associate Professor in Communications at MSU
  • Emily Lockwood, Gates Foundation
  • Dr. Kaitlin Torphy, Moderator

4:00 – Reflections

4:30 – Break

5:30 – Happy Hour in Big 10 A

6:30 – Dinner at the Kellogg Center in Big 10 A

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

8:00 – Coffee/Breakfast at the Kellogg Center

8:30 – Opening Thoughts

9:15 – Social Media Jigsaw Activity

10:30 – Catalyze! Pitches and Collaborations

11:15 – Closing Remarks

11:30 – Event Concludes

12:00 – Hotel Checkout Time